Boot Weather

By Claire Vaughn

Huffington Post

Okay, it’s no secret that boots are in. It’s the fall, what do you expect? This happens every year, the transition from flip flops and sandals to socks and boots. It’s like the circle of life. But, there are so many types, colors, heights, or brands of boots that it can all be a little overwhelming. So, take a deep breath and dive into the wonderful world of boots.

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First, let’s start with something basic. The knee-high boots. You can pretty much never go wrong with these. Knee-length is a great height because it not only keeps you warm and cozy, but it flatters your height. Whether you’re short or tall, these can work for you.

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Next, let’s say you want to get a little frisky one day, and you want to switch up your boots. How about going for an over the knee boot? These are great because yes, they keep you warm, but they’re sexy and flattering. The only slight issue is that because they’re so tall, they can often shrink down your height and make you look shorter. But, if worn in a certain way, say with a shorter skirt or dress, it can really make a statement to your outfit.

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But, let’s say you want to try something different, something shorter. But should you have to compromise warmth for style? Absolutely not! Here is your answer: Sperry Duck Boot style shoes are perfect! They go up to varying heights, but are relatively short and close to the ankle. They have rainboot-like material on the sides for warmth and protection. Perfect for walking around in the snow! Comfort and style are best when together!

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Finally, there are the booties! Booties are some of the most popular this season. They are great to wear to class, running errands, or out to a party! They’re pretty comfortable, as they have varying heights or heels. These can be found pretty much anywhere, but Old Navy has some for a great price.


In the end, no matter what you wear this season, make sure you own it!

Remember, “Fashion is about something that comes from within you.” –Ralph Lauren

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