Time to Warm UP

By Nellie Given

Tis the season for bundling up! It’s the time of year for red noses, Panera’s microwavable soup and blankets galore. Now that the weather has finally decided it’s winter, it can be hard to dress cute while remaining warm. Sweatpants are still allowed, but here are some alternative options if your sweatpants really need washed and laundry isn’t on the schedule for the week (or 2 or 3).

Puffy Coats:

Courtesy of Nordstrom

Who doesn’t love looking like a marshmallow? The best thing about these coats is that you can go major puff or minimal puff, each are equally adorable (and warm).

Long Scarves:

Screen Shot 2016-11-08 at 8.45.46 AM.png
Courtesy of Nordstrom

Long scarves are a winter STAPLE now! They are so perfect because you can either wear them as a scarf, or you can wrap up in them like a shawl. There’s no need to bring those blankets to class anymore because you’ll be nice in cozy with your own mini blanket.


Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

The best tip for winter is layering, especially if you’re walking to class. It is AMAZING the temperature difference from the outdoors to the inside. You’ll be shedding those jackets and sweaters like nobody’s business. Another fun trend right now is layering a turtle neck under a dress. A turtleneck + a dress = the best of both worlds.

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters


The perfect accessory for extreme weather (or not so extreme) are duck boots! Everywhere I go at Miami I see pairs of these and I LOVE IT. They keep your feet nice and toasty while they brave the harsh elements on the outside. Not to mention, they are quite comfortable for walking to class. 10/10 would recommend.

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Good luck this winter everyone! Look on the bright side, we can now drink hot chocolate with no regrets.