Crystal Healing 101

Sarah Violet Jako

Even if it’s not real, it is really fun!

Crystal healing is something I have been exposed to a lot in the past few years. I come from the biggest hippy town in Ohio and I love every little bit of it. At many of the local artisan shops, you can find healing crystals as well as some kitschy tourist crap. When I started understanding more about crystal healing, though, I became a little skeptical. Each crystal, and there are a bajillion, is used to cleanse your auras and integrate other vitality into different aspects of your life. You meditate with them, keep them in your space, wear them, do all kinds of stuff. In some ways I think crystal healing may be a placebo but who am I to say? It may have some larger effect. Even if they are a placebo are they still worth it if they make you more confident, calm and happy? I would say so. So here is a lowdown on a few beginner crystals recommended to you by an extreme beginner herself.

Clear Quartz:

Courtesy of UP Magazine

Clear quartz is the clear numero uno on everyone’s list. It’s a cleansing crystal that also keeps your aura bright and strong. This stone can be for all chakras and pretty much balances a lot of different things.


Courtesy of UP Magazine

Amethyst is another goodie; it’s very cleansing and purifying. This stone is also known for its spiritual and protective energy. This is mostly for your third eye and crown chakras.

Tiger’s Eye:

Courtesy of UP Magazine

Tiger’s eye is a beautiful stone with a more masculine presence. The main properties of tiger’s eye are determination, intuition, and courage. This can be used on the solar plexus chakra or the root chakra.

Rose Quartz:

Courtesy of UP Magazine

This rock is based in pretty much all types of love, friends, family, and romance. Of course, quartz is then used for the heart chakra.


Courtesy of UP Magazine

Citrine is used for prosperity and boosts energy, enthusiasm, and abundance in all aspects of life. Especially relating to wealth and self confidence. This is used on the sacral chakra, the solar plexus chakra, and the crown chakra.

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