Things that Should Already Be on Your Christmas List

By Vivian Drury

With Halloween 2016 now a fuzzy memory of boos and costumes, we look ahead to the holidays. As much as I love turkey and mashed potatoes, I love Christmas just a little bit more. With the smell of fresh sugar cookies filling the air, Mariah Carey on repeat, and FreeForm’s 25 Days of Christmas Movies, what’s not to love? Also, Christmas is the season of giving and receiving. This year, I am only asking for gifts that truly give back to me and my body.

A New Pair of Workout/Running Shoes

Courtesy of BeezusKiddo

Exercise shoes should be replaced every 300 to 500 miles, or every five to six months. I know this may sound like a lot, especially for a highly structured shoe, but they are built to support you during your workouts. With every mile and every drop of sweat, the support in your shoes diminishes. Keep your exercise habits strong with a strong pair of shoes to keep you going every step of the way!

Clarisonic Face Brush

Courtesy of Nordstrom

This magical face wash brush is at the top of my list. The Clarisonic exfoliates your skin with its vibrating bristles. It really does bring you softer and more radiant skin. There are many different forms of the Clarisonic brush depending on your skin tone, making it the perfect gift for anyone!

New Pajamas

Courtesy of Nordstroms

Now I know you’re just sleeping, but it’s time to toss the old t-shirt and raggedy sweatpants. Sleep is a very important aspect of living, so make it as comfortable as it can be! My favorite brand of pajamas are P.J. Salvage. They are so soft and cozy, and perfect for wintertime!

Click here to see more of P.J. Salvage.

A Day for You

Courtesy of Tenor

Whether it’s a massage or mani-pedi or just a day in bed with Netflix, give yourself a day this Christmas. This day is meant for you to just recharge and relax, something we all desperately need after the holidays.

Whatever is on your list this year, just remember that the gift is for you and you should benefit from it, mentally and physically!