What Did We Just Witness?

By Tyler Aberle

It is now Thursday and what could be seen as the most pivotal day of the year has passed. Tuesday, November 8th, marked the day of our presidential election that has been plaguing the media for the past year and a half. It has come and gone, like any other normal 24 hour span of time, but this whole election was far from normal. From supporting candidates because of character rather than policy, split ticket voting, childish repulsion for opposing parties, and the media playing maybe the biggest role they ever have, this election will be one that is written in history books for time to come. A few key factors this election will be set apart from those of the past:

Hillary Clinton
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Character Over Policy

This factor may not be the first time it has been seen, but the sheer magnitude that it has played in the election of 2016 is one that will be remembered. Words like misogynistic, racist, crooked, lying, and stupid are ones that have become popular when identifying certain candidates. Whoever you let those identify, many voters feel passionate about the candidate they are opposing and say they lost their vote due to their lack of character. This is regardless of the policy that the candidate holds, which leads directly into the “Anyone But..” voter that has become so prevalent. This is also leads to the explanation for the split ticket voters that stay true to their party in elections, except for the presidential vote.

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The “Anyone But…” Voter

The “Anyone But..” voter is a voter that will vote for a different candidate, even if they don’t agree/like them, just so that they can do their part in making sure a certain candidate does not attain the power of the presidency. It is literally picking the lesser of two evils, which is why many people are becoming disgusted with the two party system that has developed in the great nation of the USA. But hey, sometimes you have to give a little when the time matters as much as this.

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The Media/Technology

From painting Donald Trump early in the election as his desired unapologetic rock star persona to the inundation of Hillary’s ads exposing the past, and character, of “the Don” himself, the media has been seemingly unfiltered in their positions towards each candidate. This feeling has been felt stronger than ever, and maybe even rightfully so. The media was able to facilitate the creation of a bandwagon support system that led Donald Trump to winning the primary and getting his name on another monument (as if buildings and resorts weren’t enough), the Republican nominee on the presidential ticket. The leakage of past news encounters (Mr. Trump) and chats with big business executives (Secretary Clinton) that have surfaced, played a key role, and hit the hearts of many voters in the election are like none that have been noticed before in candidates.