Peacoat it UP

By Pooja Ramchandani

How to do classy and yet not go over-the-top? Let me introduce you to a classic: the peacoat.

You can’t go wrong with a classic peacoat. The subtle style-up comes in all sizes, fabrics and prices. Choose the right subtle, neutral color and make it a go-to coat in your wardrobe!

Let’s start with the original,

The Naval Issue:

Courtesy of Dan Trepanier, Articles of Style.

Peacoats originated when they were commissioned to the naval academy by the military. They were made from rugged navy wool and were designed to keep their shape through the harshest and toughest conditions. One can usually find a reasonably priced peacoat in about any vintage store!

Naval Peacoat 101: If you’re wearing the peacoat with a suit, make sure that the coat is longer than the jacket and has a good fitting on your shoulders and mid-section.

Whenever you buy a vintage, keep in mind that you may have to size down to get the fit you are looking for.


Courtesy of Dan Trepanier, Articles of Style.

Moleskin has a rugged, tough look to it that makes it perfect for casual dates/ partying/ nights out with friends. Go for it with wicked wingtip bots and you’re off to becoming a runway model!

Belted Plaid Fleece:

Courtesy of Dan Trepanier, Articles of Style.

Not every peacoat is for everyday use. However, you can make a fashion statement when you go for a cold color or pattern. It’s a great refresher from your routine of blue, browns or blacks! Because of the timeless shape, it’s easy to incorporate subtle, yet bold details like patch pockets, belts and fabrics.

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