Happy Hair

By Claire Vaughn

UP Magazine Staff

How do you get ready in the morning? How many hair products do you use? Of course, that might depend on the texture of your hair. Speaking of which, do you like your hair better curled or straightened? Braided or in a bun?

The great thing is that this is all up to you. Especially, with technology and chemicals, we can pretty much make our hair do whatever we want it to do. We can make it different colors, textures, even lengths with extensions.

UP Magazine Staff

Years ago, in the early 2000s, having chunky highlights was a big deal, like Kelly Clarkson. During that time, crimping hair was popular and so was straightening. Over the past few years, the 2010s have shown how having big, outwards curls is the way to go. But, within the past year or so, there has been a new trend, a much bigger trend.

Now, we’ve hit a point in society that being yourself is more accepted than ever. No, our society isn’t perfect and may never be, but we are getting there. Women are encouraged to be themselves and do what they like. That’s why it is now becoming more acceptable to be more natural.

UP Magazine Staff

Everyone knows how much heat and chemicals can damage hair. So, why not stop and go au natural? Between celebs and everyday women, natural hair has become very on trend. Not only does it allow your hair to breathe and grow stronger and healthier, but I think there is something to be said for the confident feeling of being completely and totally yourself.

So, don’t be afraid to ditch the curling iron and hairspray. Your natural waves will do just fine. Let those roots grow out if you so choose.

Always remember that “Natural beauty is the best beauty.”