All that glitters

By Allie Eames

The holidays are coming up, and Oxford is celebrating accordingly by dropping about 20 degrees this weekend. Despite the excitement of getting out my winter outfits, I noticed that pretty much every sweater, jacket, and winter piece I owned was either black, grey, or oatmeal-colored. Safe to say we could all use a little emphasis on the festive side of the holiday season. Time to dump our grey-on-black and cream-on-charcoal color schemes and venture into some more eye-catching styles.

Courtesy of @urbanoutfitters

That’s why I’m so excited about the shimmer trend. Along with statement jackets, materials that have dimension and shine are capturing runways and retail stores. Whether it’s metallic mesh crops, full-on sequined dresses, velvet, satin, or embellished camisoles, I can’t wait to layer some glitz underneath my leather jacket or a fur hoodie for a night out in Oxford.

Courtesy of @tamarapfeiffer

This season, we don’t have to limit the shine to Christmas parties or New Year’s Eve, with some of the more subdued styles like this one, you can even bring the sparkle to the Thanksgiving table.

Courtesy of Free People

You can even put a little glitter in your step this season.

Courtesy of @mikutas

Cheers to the holiday fashions of 2016!