My Top 5 Ways To Deal With Stress

By Hannah Blaze

I feel like during college, no matter what time of year it is or how big of a load you may have, you’re always a little bit stressed. And I think it’s extremely important to figure out ways to relieve that stress to the best of your abilities. Stress is never fun and a lot of it can actually take a toll on your physical and mental health, so the less you have, the better! Here are some ways that always tend to help me mellow out….

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1. Make To-Do Lists & Organize Your Life

If my life is a mess, I’m a mess, and the best thing to help me get organized is a To-Do list. To-Do Lists are great because you can organize everything you need to get done and it clearly displays what you have finished vs. what you haven’t. Plus, I think everyone finds it super satisfying to see a perfectly checked off list. You can write them on your phone, or put them on post-it notes and place them wherever you may need one. Whatever works best for your lifestyle! If you are not an avid list maker already, I highly advise becoming one. You will thank me.

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2. Make Designated “You” Nights

Now this one may be a little more challenging for anyone sharing a dorm or room with other people, (I am lucky enough to be in a single dorm room) but once a week I try to make a designated “me” night, where I watch movies, eat junk food, and do a face mask, all by myself. I find alone time to be extremely important in maintaining my sanity and relieving stress, and having a night to myself is always super nice to relax and recharge. If you do have roommates or dorm mates, maybe stay back from a group activity every once in a while to get the room to yourself. You may be missing out on some fun, but a night in all to yourself will most likely be worth it!!

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3. Go Home for the Weekend

I know this one may not be ideal or even possible at times, but if you have an open chance to go home every once in awhile, I highly recommend taking it. Getting a break from all of the hustle and bustle of college life and getting a change in scenery every now and then can really do a whole lot of good for your health. As I am writing this, I am currently home getting some well needed rest, and I can’t begin to explain how good it has felt to sleep in my own bed and use my own shower. I always feel much less stressed at home, and really recommend it to anyone who thinks they may need a short hiatus from their ever demanding college life!

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4. Take A Nap

Naps will always and forever be my go-to stress reliever. Naps never fail to mellow me out and give my mind the well deserved rest it constantly seems to need. Even if you can only afford a nap as short as half an hour to an hour, I still recommend taking one! Research says a 20 minute power nap can still do you good and can allow for a quick boost of energy. If you’re ever feeling extremely stressed or overwhelmed, just nap it out and I’m sure you’ll feel much better when you wake up!

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5. Indulge in Your Favorite Meal

When in doubt, eat up!! Stress eating can be bad when you overeat to the extreme, but indulging in your favorite meal every once in a while is a great way to relieve any stress you may be feeling! Even better? Make a date of it with your friends and go out to eat together! Nothing is nicer than a good meal surrounded by your best friends. If that doesn’t help make you feel a bit better, I don’t think anything could.

As you can see, there are so so many ways to cope with stress, but these definitely have to be my top few favorites. I hope this list can be of help to any of you who may be dealing with a large amount of stress at the moment. Luckily, winter break is right around the corner so don’t fret for too much longer! I know you all can do it!


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