The Right Way to Travel

By Nellie Given

Thanksgiving is around the corner (cue tears of joy) which means a lot of us will be ditching Miami and Ohio. Whether you’re jumping over to Cincinnati or all the way to California, traveling is exciting and exhausting. There are so many decisions to make, like what to wear, what to pack, and most importantly- can I wait another week and a half to do laundry? Let’s break down some of the travel necessities to save the packing crisis the night before you leave.

What to wear:

Courtesy of Gal Meets Glam

If you’re traveling a long distance by car or plane you’ll want to be as comfy as possible. I’d suggest putting those cute 4-inch dancing heels away for the time being. You can never go wrong with a pair of black leggings and sneakers. Plus side of this, you’ll look very active, even if you’ve been meaning to go to the gym the past couple of weeks. Whether on the plane or in the car, chances are the temperature will not be comfortable. It will either be extremely hot or freezing. There’s no in-between. So, the best way to combat this minor annoyance is to layer! Wearing a cute t-shirt under a sweater/sweatshirt is an easy way to beat the possessed air-conditioning/heater.


What to Pack:

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Courtesy of Polyvore

Packing for a trip is one of the hardest things anyone has to do. There are so many scenarios to pack for! What if it’s unseasonably cold? Or crazy hot? What if I decide to go swimming? Or meet Zac Efron who invites me to an elegant gala so I need my ballgown, right? For this quick Thanksgiving trip, take the bare necessities. For those of you going somewhere with a washer and dryer, you really only need a few things. Bring a pair of jeans or two, a couple of comfy shirts, a nice shirt, and a nice skirt or dress- this is if you are planning on going to a nice dinner with the fam. I always think it’s better to be over prepared, but when it comes to packing, it’s the opposite. Also, you need room for all of the clothes you’ll get from shopping, so use that as an incentive to not bring all of your shoes. If you’re flying, I’d leave the laundry. You’ll thank me when you’re not lugging around a 30 pound suitcase across major airports.