Top 5 Dynamic Stretches

Sarah Violet Jako

Warm up for a workout, or black friday shopping…

Dynamic stretching is how you should stretch before working out. These types of stretches warm your body up and allow for a better workout. Its counterpart, static stretching, helps cool down your body after a workout. Pretty much, buttkicks vs. splits. Black Friday shopping gets pretty intense. So whether you’re working out or going shopping here are a few dynamic stretches to get you started.

Courtesy of WorkoutLabs

Cross Body Toe Touches:

Standing in a T position with feet shoulder width apart, come down with right hand to touch left toe and alternate.


Pretty much light jogging, running in place with the heel of the foot coming up to touch your butt.

Courtesy of WorkoutLabs

High Knees:

Make sure you’re jogging in place again, but this time with elbows at 90 degrees. Have your knees come up and hit your hands.

C Skips:

Jump/bounce with your knee coming forward like a high knee, then rotate your hip and knee to a 90 degree angle and do a high knee that way and then do that again in a 45 degree angle. Repeat on other leg.

Leg Swings:

Preferably hold on to something directly in front of you. Keep feet forward pointing shoulder width apart. Rotate torso to swing legs laterally from side to side. Make sure hips are moving.

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