Study Music

By Tyler Aberle

It is well known that music is something that can help you effectively get through those hours of binge studying that we face, all too often, in our years of college. People have a variety of preferences, but music that is ambient and mostly instrumental are shown to be the most beneficial. A lot of people go straight to classical music, but, if you’re like me, that is not my cup of tea.

I’m a big fan of electronic music because it helps me focus in on what I need to be doing. There are limited lyrics, which is key, and the bass and sounds have a drive to them to keep you going. You can even find mixes, for free, on YouTube like the one below that is close to an hour long (there are many that are hours long).

A few of my go to artists include Tycho, Odesza, and Flume. If you’re really feeling it, check out Study Vibes on Spotify.

Courtesy of Pixabay