Sophisticated Nails

By Claire Vaughn

Everyone knows the feeling you get when you finish getting a manicure; the feeling of having your life together. Or, even better, matching your nails to your scarf, or some other little accessory, and feeling like all is right in the world.

For whatever reason, nail designs have a big role in our personal style and fashion sense. It’s just another subtle way to express yourself. The shape, length, color, texture, accessories, etc, all play a large role, as with anything else.

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Last year, you may recall, the big matte phase. There were matte lips, matte nails, even mate cars. There was also the “accent nail.” You know, the one nail with either a different color or texture, maybe even some glitter.

So, what can we expect this year? Things have changed a bit. In general, the fall to winter transition usually consists of darker, more earthy colors. Plums, browns, and olives have become increasingly popular. Aside from color, there is another big change: little to no nail art. In years past, this has been the time of year that nail art has really stood out. There have been geometric designs, playful decorations, etc. But not this year.

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This year, we’re keeping things short and simple. Literally. Definitely the more natural length nails are popular. Also, the glitter and matte designs have been tossed out the window. It is much more sophisticated looking to have nails be one, uniform color, looking shiny and healthy. The accent nail is rather non existent now. But, this doesn’t mean that creativity isn’t there. In fact, it seems like the more plain and simple the nail is, the more positive attention it gets.

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There are ways to be professional, sophisticated, and sexy all at one time. This, my friends, is one way to achieve that.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

-Leonardo da Vinci

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