Sweater SZN

By Maddie Clark

It’s not called the most wonderful time of the year for nothing! We’ve now reached the season where it becomes socially acceptable to wear variations of the same, fluffy article of clothing every day. In other words, you probably won’t see me without some form of sweater from now until April. It’s essential whether you’re grabbing coffee, heading to class or going out on the town. For those that feel they have to freeze in a camisole or thin blouse when they go out, I’m here to dispel that myth. Dressing up a sweater couldn’t be easier and will help you to stay warm while still being the trendy gal you are. First of all, when choosing a sweater don’t be afraid to be bold! Opt for bell sleeves or a lace up style to funk up your look. Statement sleeves and stylish embellishments are guaranteed to make you stand out.

Courtesy of @miamimine

However, there are also endless ways to dress up that standard black sweater that you’ve had in your closet since the dawn of time. Pair it with some snazzy leather pants, over-the-knee boots or a mini skirt to transition to an evening look.

Courtesy of Revolve

Next time you debate staying in because exposing any skin to the harsh winter temps seems unthinkable, think again. Get creative and stay warm this sweater season.

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