Kylie Jenner’s New Holiday Collection is Beyond Dreamy

By Hannah Blaze

Last week, Kylie Jenner announced her newest limited edition ‘Kylie Cosmetic’s’ collection just in time for the holidays, and wow, let me tell you it is beyond dreamy. This is by far one of her biggest releases yet, and I can already tell my bank account will be taking quite the ‘L’ after it launches.

Courtesy of Kylie Cosmetics via Instagram

First off, Kylie is releasing 3 awesome non-beauty related products, including a stocking, a makeup bag, as well as a puff ball keychain, all covered in her signature Kylie Cosmetics logo.

Courtesy of Kylie Cosmetics

Another new product that I can guarantee we will not be seeing the last of are makeup brushes! From the pictures she has shown, it looks as if she will only be releasing brushes specifically for eyeshadow and eyeliner, but I am sure once she expands her line, her brushes will expand as well. I absolutely love how sleek and sharp they look—these will definitely be a must buy!

Courtesy of Kylie Jenner via Snapchat (@Kylizzlemynizzl)

Of course, she will be releasing a ton of new lip products, including a Matte Liquid Mini Lipstick kit (includes 6 different shades), a 4-piece holiday kit that includes both matte and glossy colors, two exclusive holiday lip kits, Vixen and Merry, 2 glosses called Jolly & Naughty, and a metal called Dancer.



Courtesy of Kylie Jenner via Snapchat (@Kylizzlemynizzl)

I think I am most excited about her three new creme eyeshadows. Creamy eyeshadows are my absolute favorite and these seem like the perfect product to create a beautiful, shimmery, stand-out eye look. Kylie will be releasing three shades in Camo, Golden Plum, and Yellow Gold.


Courtesy of Kylie Jenner via Snapchat (@KylizzlemyNizzl)

Next, she will be releasing a new ‘Kyshadow’ kit full of nine beautiful matte and metallic shades. The colors range from soft matte nudes to bright metallic blues, so I can only imagine the dozens of amazing looks you can create with this palette.

Courtesy of Kylie Jenner via Snapchat (@Kylizzlemynizzl)

The last solo beauty product is a brand new white eyeliner in the color “Snow.” It will come with both a gel pencil as well as a pot and brush form of the product.

Courtesy of Kylie Cosmetics

Finally, Kylie will be releasing 4 different sets of products, including the ‘Limited Edition Holiday Box’  as well as 3 different bundles in ‘Merry,’ ‘Vixen,’ or the whole ‘Holiday Collection Bundle.’

Courtesy of Kylie Cosmetics

Overall, this seems like it is going to be an amazing collection that I can guarantee will do very well. If I were you, I would head over to her site as soon as possible before everything is sold out! She will probably be doing several releases of the line to ensure everyone can purchase the products that they want, but why risk it?  GO NOW!

Hope everyone is having an amazing holiday break!

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