These Mini Thanksgiving Treats Are Almost Too Cute To Eat

By Megan Stapleton

1.Mini Pumpkin Pies

This is your favorite Thanksgiving classic, except in tiny form! Checkout the recipe below.

Courtesy of Pinterest

2. Sweet Potato Pie Bites

Need help adding more vegetables into your diet but aren’t sure how? Make these tiny pies! They contain lots of sweet potatoes, cinnamon and nuts. I call that one healthy bite!

Courtesy of Pinterest

3. Mini Pecan Pies

These are the cutest little pies I’ve ever seen. If you are worried about not being able to have enough pie to serve your family, why not save time and make these little guys!? It takes 38 minutes to cook and serves 24 people!

Courtesy of Pinterest

4. Apple Pie Cookies

I know I will be making these for Thanksgiving. I love anything with apple and cinnamon, but how can you not eat one when they are so cute and little?

Courtesy of Pinterest

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