Vegan on the Holidays? 5 Delicious Recipes for When Your Family Lectures You on Getting Protein

By Sarah Violet Jako

Be thankful for great recipes!

The holidays can be hard if the rest of your family eats animal byproducts and you’re stuck there eating bread and veggies. No matter how accommodating people are, no one understands being a vegan/vegetarian unless they’ve experienced it. It’s so much easier to be a vegan/vegetarian than it seems; all you need is a few new recipes. Here are a few great ones to keep your holidays healthy and happy without animal byproducts.

Vegan Sourdough Bread Stuffing:

Everyone knows that stuffing is actually the best thanksgiving food. It can EASILY be cooked vegan/vegetarian. Here’s a great recipe using sourdough bread and a few of the classic herbs for stuffing.

Courtesy of Vegan Huggs

Green Bean Casserole:

To be honest I love a good green bean casserole; the crunchy onion things on the top are always phenomenal. This recipe is also gluten free for those of you who choose to lead a gluten free life!

Courtesy of HummasAPie


Gravy is one of those things that is very hard to get without some form of meat. It’s literally meat juice and flour. However, as many vegetarian/vegans know, mushrooms are often a great alternative for meat. Here’s a great gravy recipe from mushrooms!  

Courtesy of Veganosity


Hashes can be a jumble of anything. This one is brussel sprouts, butternut squash and cranberries. It’s a great combo of sweet and savory and an amazing way to get your veggies. I recommend cranberries on everything. This recipe also includes pecans so nut allergies beware.

Courtesy of Julia’s Album


Risotto is pretty tricky to cook right and isn’t typically a Thanksgiving food. But it’s a great side dish and amazing option for veggies. Of course, this also uses mushrooms as well as cooking wine, which improves any dish!

Courtesy of One Green Planet

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