Real or Magic?

Courtesy of commons.wikimedia

By Tyler Aberle

A lot of peoples’ first thoughts on magic: childish. However, when you get to the level of deception, endurance, and mind over body that David Blaine has somehow (some would say magically) achieved, it is impossible for anybody to take their eyes away. You can record it and slow it down to a quarter of the speed and I can guarantee you that you will not be able to figure it out. Yes, I in fact committed three hours of my life to watching two clips at a quarter of the speed to find nothing, but you are damn right that I’d do it again.

If you’re intrigued, and want to treat yo’ self with some Netflix.  You’re in luck. Check out his movie of Real or Magic. He travels around to perform for celebrities in the likes of Kanye West, Bryan Cranston, Katy Perry, and former President George W. Bush. It could be the most frustratingly captivating special I have watched. You will be staring aimlessly at the screen trying to figure out how the hell he performs these unreal acts. Some of those acts include: Ice pick through the hand/arm with no blood (I still couldn’t watch), drinking kerosene, card tricks, and telepathy.

Here is a small clip from the special: