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By Tori Levy

We’re at the stretching point of the this year. Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and then the New Year. And maybe you had a list of aspirations that you wanted to get done for 2016. Maybe you ended up crossing resolutions like skydiving out of a plane from your list. Or, maybe you didn’t get to cross skydiving off your resolutions list. However, no matter the resolution, it’s important to start early. I also don’t think resolutions need to be outrageous. I say it’s okay if you wait until 2020 to climb Mt. Everest.

Little resolutions can keep you inspired without costing you money or a lot of time. A lot of bloggers keep their readers up with fashion, travel, and lifestyle tips. So when 2017 comes around, you can start off with a new you, while vicariously living through these bloggers.

Aimee Song:

With 4.4 million followers on Instagram and counting, Aimee Song has made a huge presence in the fashion world. Her blog SongofStyle is not only a fashion inspired site but also focuses on beauty, outfit, travel, and interior design. And although most of her outfits are out of our price range, she does offer cheaper alternatives. You can keep up her on her Instagram, Youtube, and blog.

Courtesy of SongofStyle

Jennifer Grace:

Also known as the Native Fox, Jennifer Grace is towering almost a million followers on Instagram. Based out of southern California, she is the stylist, designer, and editor of Native Fox. Native Fox keeps readers up to date with the last fashion trends (although at times pricey), travels, inspirations, and cravings. Even though readers might not be able to accomplish everything, they can pin it to their bulletin board for later.

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Julie Sariñana:

What I love about Jules is her message to dream big, which I think is a good mindset to have before starting the new year. Her blog Sincerely Jules  was created to share bits and pieces of her life including fashion, travel, and lifestyle. She has a whopping 4.1 million followers on Instagram, and her blog is simple, yet induces a passion to do what you love.

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