Mix Up Your Mini Skirt Look

By Madelyn Hopkins

Mini skirts are being worn everywhere. You see them paired with crop tops, body suits, tanks, tube tops, knee highs, heels; you name it, mini skirts have been styled that way. This is great and all in the summer. The skirts keep you from overheating, and crop tops aren’t a worry when it’s 80 degrees out. However, come January and February, this look will be near impossible to get away with; it’ll be too damn cold.

Courtesy of Victoria Haber

So how do you fight past the weather and continue to wear the beloved mini?  Easy. Mini skirts are so versatile, they can be worn with literally anything. A leather coat and knee high boots always pair perfectly with an A-line black mini. Another option is long sleeves; they’ll keep you warm, and there’s no worry about keeping track of your jacket.

Courtesy of Reilley Graves

As stated earlier, over-the-knee boots also make a huge difference when the weather drops below 40. Knee-highs keep you ALMOST as warm as pants would, and they look super cute and trendy. To keep yourself even warmer when wearing these boots, adding black tights creates an amazing and chic look!  Over-the-knee boots can come in many different colors, heel heights, and lengths. Jeffery Campbell, Free People, and Seychelles all make over-the-knee boots that aren’t as expensive as ones you’d see on the runway.

So never fear—you don’t have to pack your mini skirts away for the winter. Rather, layer them and match them with warmer pieces. These skirts are versatile enough where you can get wear out of them all year long!


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