Small Business Shout Out: UPtown Edition

By Adzaan M.


The commotion that is Black Friday can be very off-putting to a lot of people (Consumers feeling the need to trample each other and get up at ridiculously early hours? Yeah, no thanks). If you’re just not feeling Black Friday this year but still want to participate in the holiday shopping rush, why not try Small Business Saturday? As an alternative, you can choose to spread out your buying power and put your money into supporting your local shops this season that could really use your business. Uptown Oxford is home to a plethora of small businesses to support and this article will break down the businesses that can satisfy your fashion bug and gift list this holiday season.

The Apple Tree:


Easily identifiable with its green brick walls and located right next to the infamous Brick Street Bar, The Apple Tree is a great place to go if you’re into labels such as Kate Spade, Vera Bradley, Vineyard Vines, Lily Pulitzer and more. You can find clothes, stationary, bags, jewelry, and even accessories for your pets! With a men’s section included as well, this store has every type of clientele in mind.



Next on the list of Uptown boutiques is Juniper. This store is known to have a little bit of everything and is great for clothes, novelty items, and cosmetics (the cosmetic section in the back is very impressive). Be sure to keep an eye out for their “15 and under” box and their $1 bangle bracelets if you’re looking for a cheap splurge.

Lane & Kate:


For a feel of luxury while in Oxford, make sure to make your way to Lane & Kate. It’s the perfect place to fulfill your decor and accessory needs with its great selection of dainty jewelry and home decorations.



Last but not least, there’s BlueTique on the very far end of High Street (this was actually the very first boutique I ever visited in Oxford). The thing I really like about this store was its organization by color scheme. If you’re looking for a piece in a particular color and need it fast, this place is your best bet. This is also the place that is sure to have items that are on-trend at the moment (shout out to their choker selection!).

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