Ugly Sweaters 101

By Vivian Drury

Ugly sweater parties have been a huge trend for the past few years. From light up to 3-5 to sewn with bells and whistles, there are all sorts of sweaters out there! The question often becomes where to buy this infamous holiday attire. Many people dig into their parents’ closets from the ’80s and ’90s, back when these sweaters were considered more trendy than just a joke.

Here are the best places to get your ugly sweaters this season:

Courtesy of Sequins and Things

Walmart or Kroger

This may seem like a stretch, but Walmart or Kroger have great selections of sweaters at an affordable price. Their sweaters come in a variety of colors and themes, ranging from the Grinch to Christmas trees to snowmen. They have it all, and you won’t be breaking the bank.

Courtesy of Target

Urban Outfitters

This is where I found my first ugly sweater. Many stores will have bins near the register or gift section of old sweaters. These were a little more expensive than the ones that you would find at larger stores like Walmart or Kroger, but are more stylish rather than ugly.

Goodwill or Any Thrift Store

Your mom got rid of her old sweater years ago? No worries, just head over to your local thrift store to see if anyone else has done the same recently. What is great about a thrift store is the prices are really cheap and it’s often a real old sweater compared to the remakes done by larger stores. Thrift stores, however, are not always as reliable, so don’t bank on finding one there.

Alternative Options to an Ugly Sweater

I like to stand out at parties. Instead of wearing an ugly sweater to every gathering, I like to mix up my holiday attire. One of my favorite looks is going as a present. Simply pull on a red/green skirt or dress, add a bow, and a cute “to” and “from” sign and you’re good to go! Dressing as an elf, Santa’s helper, or a reindeer is also really simple. Just find a solid colored dress and add some antlers or a Santa hat.

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Whatever you decide to wear this holiday season, enjoy the festivities and holiday cheer!

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