Gwyneth Paltrow Takes Perfume

By Kaylee Spahr

Beloved Oscar-winning actress turned lifestyle blogger, Gwyneth Paltrow just announced a new business endeavor. Paltrow is dropping her first ever fragrance line called Edition 01 Winter. This was a surprise to many fans who are referring to her on social media as the Beyonce of perfume. In an interview Paltrow describes her successful blogging and business career as “more challenging” and “ultimately more fulfilling”than her seemingly charmed acting career.

Courtesy Of Wikimedia commons

Edition 01 is an earthy, barky smell with all naturally occurring ingredients at the core of its make. This is authentic to the Goop brand which can commonly be described as an ambassador of female empowerment through natural beauty. This fragrance will be entirely natural and free of synthetic ingredients with a base ingredient of sugar cane alcohol. Edition 01 Winter became available November 15th exclusively on As the name implies, Edition 02 Spring will launch this upcoming season with hopefully many more seasons to come. Paltrow explained her idea in an interview when she said, “I’ve always had a wardrobe of fragrances, and I like changing fragrance, so I wanted one for each season.”

Courtesy of @goop