Winter Makeup Trends

By Nellie Given

You may think that winter is a time for packing up your makeup bags and storing them safely until the spring. Wrong! Winter is a great time to experiment with makeup! It’s nice to go home for winter break and try new trends, so when you come back to school, everyone will be dying to know your tips. If you are wondering what the latest winter-makeup styles are, look no further!

Art Liner

Courtesy of Vogue Paris

Having the ability to draw the perfect cat eye is a talent. No, a gift. The best thing about using eyeliner to create unique designs around your eye is, that it does not matter if you mess up! It is abstract. Those little line mishaps turn into beautiful expression.

Very Dark Lips

Courtesy of Vogue Paris

The vampy-lip trend with dark plums and maroons is still in style, but now there is a darker twist to this fall-favorite look. At Vogue’s Fall Fashion Show, the models wore very dark, sometimes black, lipstick. It may seem scary to try these dark colors, but the overall consensus is to start lighter and work your way to the dark side. Each new shade brings along a new sense of confidence.

Clumpy Lashes

Courtesy of Vogue Paris 

Once upon time clumpy mascara was frowned upon. Now, there are mascaras that claim to purposefully clump lashes together. The goal of this look is to create “doll-like” lashes that make your eyes seem open and in some cases bigger. A trick to help achieve this look is to apply liner before your mascara. This helps to prevent you from applying tons of coats of mascara to cover up sparse areas. Get ready for your lashes to be clump city.