Easy At-Home Exercises

By Allie Palm

Did you eat a ton of turkey and pie over Thanksgiving break? Are you still in your food coma from it or haven’t recovered from eating so much food? You’re not alone, because I have yet to get my life together and burn that turkey off.

You’re in luck if you’re just like me (aka lazy) and are in need of some exercise. There are several at home workouts you can do that don’t involve any equipment. So, forget the gym, and stay home, because here are 3 easy workouts that will easily burn your turkey cals:

Exercise 1: Squats

These are not a fan favorite since they are notorious for extreme post soreness. But squats are such an easy exercise that, if done properly, will target all key areas, such as butt, thighs, stomach, and calves. It works with toning the lower part of your body, which will help burn all that pie away.

Exercise 2: Hip Raise

This one is quite simple to preform, but involves you having to pick a comfortable space in your house to do so. A hip raise is when you lay with your back flat to the floor with your legs bent in a V with your feet also on the floor. To do the hip raise, you lift your butt so that your body will make a straight line, from knee to chin. This exercise also works your core, similar to work from a squat. It’s recommended that when doing this exercise that you do it on carpet or on a yoga matt if handy.

Exercise 3: Side-plank:

This exercise again calls for a more comfortable floor to perform on. On each side, have the sides of your body facing the floor and ceiling and lean with a 90 degree angle with your body off the ground. This workout will work arm, shoulder, back, and abs.

Think these exercises are easy and want to take it one step further? Read more here to find Oprah approved workouts to better yourself in the comfort of your own home.

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