Buying Gifts Is Hard

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By Tyler Aberle

When I say buying the right gift is hard, I mean that it is damn near impossible. This is coming from somebody who has spent the last two hopeless hours of his life deliberating on what to get as a Secret Santa. It isn’t even a big gift. Less than twenty bucks; how did I make it so freaking hard on myself? Well, I figured it out, and I do not want any of you falling into the pit of despair that comes from the, what is supposed to be, joyous act of gift giving. There are a few thoughts you have to go through:

Am I trying too hard? The obvious answer for my situation, yes. However, you have to ask yourself seriously if you are putting in too much thought and making the gift your own. By that I mean, are you trying to please yourself with the gift you give rather than thinking about what they would actually want and enjoy. If you try to satisfy yourself too much, then you can fall for getting them a mediocre present that would probably be better suited for you.

Is it what I want them to want? It can sound confusing, and this one is sometimes hard to spot. You have to make sure that you are shopping for their tastes-be it jewelry, clothing, gadgets, etc.-instead of something that you want them to like. This is especially important when you are dealing with a new significant other and friendly gifts. You want to make sure that the gift is personal for THEM.

Forget about price. This can be hard to deal with, especially as broke college students. We have to realize that most of us do not have our parents money to crutch us through the bill of Christmas shopping anymore. Don’t look at the price tag when you are looking around. All you have to do is know your limit and stick to it. Sometimes the best and most thoughtful gifts are the ones that you make by hand or are the most inexpensive.

Don’t be afraid to wander about. Don’t go into shopping mode with the “perfect gift” in mind. Because when you do that, I can guarantee that you will get frustrated, flip a table, and never find that gift. Let yourself stumble upon a sincere and thoughtful gift. You know it’s the right gift when you look at the item and you think of that person.

Listen y’all, when you start stressing about what to give, it takes the fun away. At the end of the day, giving gifts is supposed to be from the heart and as genuine as possible. Have fun with it, and it they truly care about you and know you tried, they will love it.

Okay. Done being sappy. Stay groovy.