Back to Black

By Madelyn Hopkins

Neutrals are everywhere. Just like how the majority of cars are no longer red or yellow, dresses are no longer gold or pink. At least in the winter, that is. Winter is the perfect time to take advantage of a neutral palette, especially if you live in the cold.

Courtesy of Claire O’Neil

Black is such a great color to take advantage of in the winter, and it doesn’t have to be in a drab way. Luckily for us, black is so diverse and goes with literally anything. It looks great in a variety of fabrics and paired with different colors. Other neutrals are an awesome and unique way to accent black, as pictured above in the two nude, lace dresses.

Courtesy of Lauren Brennan

Black also looks super chic when paired with itself. Black on black is a great way to look sophisticated and sleek when going out for a date or a night on the town with your girls. Pairing black with black is easy; no matter the fabric it’ll always look good together, because it’s so neutral.

Next time you’re going out, try the look! It won’t look drab if you pair a skirt or pair of black jeans with a black lace or velvet top; rather, you’ll be the chicest girl in the bar!

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