Coated UP for Winter

By Adzaan M.


Winter’s bitterly cold days have finally started to settle in and will be here to stay among us for a very long time. However, there’s no reason to despair as winter coats were made to get us through it! To me coats are more than just winter necessities but rather, they are key pieces that pull a look together. The right coat can be just the thing to take your outfit to a whole new level. Here are four of my favorite coat styles that work great at accomplishing that.

1. Black


This really goes without saying as black ranks among the most versatile color you can have. You can’t go wrong with a black coat as it pairs with practically everything, ensuring that even wearing the most vibrant colors, such as these mustard yellow pants pictured here, can be pulled off without any worry of clashing.

2. Printed


Love your basics but feel like your outfit still needs a little something more? Printed coats to the rescue! Printed coats, especially in black & white, as seen with this polka dotted coat, gives the outfit a playful touch while the neutral black & white pattern still keeps the outfit relatively tame.

3. Red


As explained with the printed coat, red, being attention grabbing in nature, is another great option for making neutral or basic outfits much more interesting. My personal favorite combinations are wearing red with black & white as well as with blue jeans as shown here.

4. Military Chic


For a look that’s on the commanding side, opt for a military inspired style. Think army greens and navy blues such as the one pictured.

As you can see even from the small amount of options I presented to you, coats open the door for an added layer of creativity and experimentation with your looks. With all the different types available, they are sure to cater to expressing every style. With the fun that coats bring to the table, below freezing temps become a tad more bearable, don’t you think?


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