Knock Your Socks Back On

By Megan Ashdown

When you pick an outfit for the day, do you pay close attention to the details? A lot of people go straight to thinking about little accessories like rings, earrings, and belts. Think less obvious…

What socks do you choose? Would you pick neutral-colored ankle socks, or bold-patterned tall socks? If you’re someone that would choose a pair of plain black footies, I’m here to remind you: no matter how small, every detail matters.

I’m not saying you need to go to the store and purchase a pair of knee-highs, although those could be useful if you’re interested in taking the cliche, “I’m reading a book and sipping coffee in my bed with no pants on” selfie. But, I am encouraging you to go outside your comfort zone. Try something new!

Courtesy of @thewild_rose

To all the women reading this, try wearing calf-length socks with a dress or denim skirt. For a casual day, pair crew socks with your skinny jeans and sneakers. Tip: scrunch down your socks for loose, cozy vibes.

Courtesy of @mercishopparis
Courtesy of @mafaldacastro

Rumor has it that men should match their socks to their pants, but I’ll always recommend going against the norm. Although I do appreciate head-to-toe color coordination, I don’t think it’s completely necessary in this instance. My motto: Be bold and do the unexpected. Use your socks as an excuse to add another color into your outfit!

Courtesy of @shadows_of_indigo

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