Gifts for Good

By Nellie Given

The holidays are right around the corner! Only 2 more weeks people! You may be wondering what to put on your wish list, or what to get your besties for the upcoming festivities. Maybe, you just really need to treat yourself after finals with some winter goodies! As well as a time for receiving, the holidays are a time of giving! Thanks to the connections across the web, it is so easy to help a charity/cause with donations. Not only are there websites for donating, but there are websites about buying cute clothes/accessories WHILE helping their cause. It sounds too good to be true, but trust me, it is all real my friend.

Some of these websites have come out with apparel themed for winter. Cuddle up with these companies for sure!

Ivory Ella

Courtesy of Ivory Ella

Ivory Ella is a clothing company that partners with Save the Elephants. They donate 10% of their net profits to Save the Elephants and other charities like: Elephant Crisis Fund, American Heart Association, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Toys for Tots, and Home for the Troops. Their online store has things from shirts and sweatshirts to jewelry and water bottles! Plus, everything they have has an adorable little elephant on it, so how can you say no?

Love Your Melon

Courtesy of Love Your Melon

Love Your Melon is a wonderful company that was created by college students in 2012. Their mission is to help fund pediatric cancer research initiatives and to provide support for families of children battling cancer. They donate 50% of their profits to their partner organizations. The really cool thing about Love your Melon is their Campus Crew Program which is run by students all around college campuses! Warm your head and warm the hearts of all.


Courtesy of Serengetee

Serengetee is a clothing company that was also created by college students. The pocket fabrics are collected from 25 different countries which helps support local artisans and families! Each fabric represents a cause that your money will go towards. The aloha pocket (pictured above) comes from Los Angeles in the United States, and it supports Intrepid Fallen Heroes which helps rehabilitate American soldiers after being injured in service. Serengetee’s website lists all of the organizations they support and which fabric goes with what charity. Get a frocket of fulfillment.

Market Colors

Courtesy of Market Colors

Market Colors is a nonprofit organization that sells ethnically sourced items from Africa and India. They work with men and women who are at risk for abuse, trafficking, and extreme poverty to support them in finding a better life. This ornament is part of their holiday collection and is handmade in Kenya. This makes for the perfect gift because it’s really like two gifts in one! You’re giving to a family member/friend and to a person in Kenya who can now feed his/her family.