Mignonne Gavigan Spicing Up Your Look

By Madelyn Hopkins

If you love colorful, exotic, beautiful, or intricate jewelry, then you are going to adore Mignonne Gavigan. Whether it be her Madeline Earrings or Alice Necklace, Mignonne Gavigan’s work is so detailed and unique that you’ll feel like the accessories were designed specifically just for you.

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Courtesy of Loulerie
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Gavigan’s work focuses on adding glitz and flare to your everyday jewelry or outfit. Almost every one of her creations has some kind of sparkle or pop, whether thats through color or texture. Her necklaces vary from your usual chain and pendant, which naturally sets these pieces apart from the norm. Almost every piece in Mignonne Gavigan’s collection comes with variety; color choices often range from your basic neutrals to bright blues and greens giving you the option of versatility.

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Courtesy of Magnolia

Boutiques across the country are having a field day with this up and coming designer’s work, and her creations are popping up everywhere. The style of her work is one of a kind and each piece can be paired with so many outfits. Mignonne Gavigan is definitely a designer to keep an eye out for in the next couple months, and her work will start showing up on celebrities, as well as in your local clothing boutique.


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