Okay, Let’s Talk Soap Brows

By Sarah Violet Jako

Add another brow product to your beauty bag, or maybe just take it from the shower.

Courtesy of UP Magazine

There are so many brow products out on the market following and continuing the brow craze. Benefit launched a whole line surrounding brows within 2016 and many brands have had long time bestsellers such as pencils, pomades, gels and powders. My personal favorite is Anastasia Beverly Hills and I swear by their DipBrow Pomade. I have naturally full brows however, with my blonde hair, they tend to have hair of all colors and look a little splotchy in the lighter parts. As someone with hairy brows, when something brushes my face in the wrong way, it’s uncomfortable and not fun when my brow hairs are going in the wrong direction.

Also on the makeup side, I want perfect brows all the time. I don’t want to be running a spooly through them every few hours. This is something that clear brow gel is perfect for. Like a powerful hair glue, they stick that stuff down for a while. I also love the Anastasia Beverly Hills clear brow gel.

Recently, however, I have been experimenting with soap brows and loving it! You may be asking, “Sarah, what the heck are soap brows?”

As opposed to using a clear brow gel, it works just as well (if not better) than the high end brands to go out, buy some gel soap from the store and use that. First, you have to make sure you have the right kind of soap. Any type will work but, unless you want white stuff in your eyebrows, make sure you get the clear gel kind. The only other things you need are a spooly and a little water. Wet your spooly and twist it around in the soap so there is product on the spooly but it’s not completely soaked. Then run the spooly through your brows, shaping as you go. It’s really that simple and your brows will stay in place all day. I don’t know why it works—it just does. So go to your local store, or look in your shower for a new, way cheaper alternative for getting fabulous brows all day.

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