Let Pentatonix Make Your Christmas Great Again

By Tyler Aberle

Courtesy of Flickr

If you haven’t given the Pentatonix a listen before, you must because they will knock your socks off. The acapella group that emerged on top of the NBC show The Sing Off, has continued to top charts and embark on world tours. They are made up of five members, four of which are men and one girl that adds a sweet alto tune to the tracks. It personally for me is most impressive music to listen to because every song they make has no instruments except for their voices (and the occasional violin/cello). Even without the instruments they have an wildly filling sound that strikes a chord not a lot of people can.

They have done it again. For the second year in a row, they have successfully topped the charts for holiday albums, and, like most people, I cannot get enough of it. Last year they released That’s Christmas To Me, and this year they came back with A Pentatonix Christmas. The usual Christmas anthems are put on a pedestal with their incredible acapella renditions and breathtakingly filling harmonies.

Click here to check their page out on Spotify.