Blurring the Lines: Blue & Black

By Claire Vaughn

Everyone knows those old rules, the ones that you only know because your mom reminds you of them every time you break one. You know, no white after Labor Day, you can either wear navy or black, never both, and don’t ever mix patterns. Well, it seems that these rules have always been made to break.

UP Magazine Staff

One of the trendiest rule breaking styles is wearing blue and black together. Yes, even navy. I think everyone has had one of those experiences where you put on a black shirt with black leggings, then walk outside and realize that it’s navy blue. Then, you quickly run inside and change because that’s “unacceptable.” But instead of making it a faux pas, why not turn it into a statement?

UP Magazine Staff

My suggestion would be to focus on subtle aspects. Blue heels with black jeans is a perfect example, or the opposite! A blue sweater with black jeans or black boots would be great, too! Even a black dress with blue accents is a classic and cool outfit. Blue nail polish or a blue headband or bow in a messy hairstyle with a black sweater would look great, as well. The point is to play around with it. See what works for you and what you feel comfortable wearing. As long as you wear something with confidence, you can pull it off for sure! 

UP Magazine Staff

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