Midi Magic

By Maddie Clark

Already starting to get sick of jeans and leggings day in and day out? Longing for the days of cut offs and sundresses? One versatile piece will help you shake those long pants blues! Perfect for Christmas parties, out to dinner, and everything in between, a midi skirt will become your new go-to.


I’m on the left, wearing my midi skirt at UP’s Native launch! I purchased it this fall on sale at Anthropologie, and whenever I’ve worn it out I’ve gotten a ton of compliments. The flowy style and silky texture pretty much makes it the most comfortable skirt I’ve ever had the pleasure to own.

Courtesy of @NikkiPhillips

I’m so into the pleated mixed metal midi above. Although our 30 degree weather wouldn’t allow for trying it at home, with a few tweaks you can give it a weather appropriate spin. Replace the heels with booties, add your favorite bomber, military jacket or fluffy sweater and you’re good to go.

A midi skirt is always eye catching and is an interesting piece to UPdate your standard winter outfit.


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