3 Easy Survival Tips to Help Get Through Finals

Finals week is always the worst week, but there are so many things to look forward to! The holidays are right around the corner, which makes taking finals a drag. But, there are three simple tricks to help ease the week.

  1. Stay hydrated and EAT! I know I live off of coffee when I am studying, but it’s also important to stay hydrated between coffee drinks and to eat healthy. For every cup of coffee you drink, you’re supposed to drink twice the amount of water so that your body can stay hydrated and refreshed. Also, to avoid caffeine highs, it’s important to eat a meal to absorb the caffeine. Keeping these meals healthy will make you feel better, as opposed to eating something big and greasy that will leave you feeling groggy and fatigued.
  2. Stay active! Make sure you are de-stressing with at least 30 minutes of exercise. A simple work out will make you more alert and ready to get back to studying. Working out also loosens up your limbs, which is a big help when you’re studying and constantly crunched over.
  3. This is an important one—GET ENOUGH SLEEP! Sleep should never be taken for granted, since it’s one of the most important things to keep you sane. Making sure you have a sleep schedule when studying for finals is a huge help. Getting 8+ hours of sleep will allow you to feel energized and ready to take in all your material.

If you want more advice or detail on how you to get through finals week, click here.

Good luck and happy holidays!

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