These Holiday Lashes Will Add Some Spark To Your New Year’s Look

By Megan Stapleton

Wink, wink

It’s exam week. Lets face it, I think everyone is looking forward to New Year’s. Why not spend some money looking fabulous as ever. Check out these lashes that will make you look trendy af.

Snowflake Queen:

Courtesy of Violette 

Smoky eye shadow and loose glitter isn’t easy for everyone to do. Thats why it’s easy to apply embellished eyelashes. You can find these sparkly lashes on Esty.

Starry Night:

Courtesy of Pinterest

If you want to be the brightest star at the party, you can also find these babies on Esty. You don’t need much makeup once you put these on.

Silver and Gold:

Courtesy of Pinterest

Everyone wishes for silver and gold….

Get these pretty things at Amazon for $5.25 and be the only gold in the room this year.

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