Pinned UP Girls- Pinterest Inspired Looks: Shorts with Tights

By Adzaan Muqtadir


If you ever happen to be in need of a time-waster, Pinterest is a guaranteed way to accomplish that goal. It’s one of those sites you can spend hours scouring through if you’re not careful. With its innumerable bank of images, users can make their mood boards absolute masterpieces. What I find particularly appealing about it is the amount of fashion inspiration I can pull from the site. The exposure to new bloggers, celebrity street style looks, and advertised online shops make it the perfect destination to get an outfit idea when I’m in a rut.

A look I’ve seen commonly spread on Pinterest is shorts with tights. Especially more of use in the cooler months, this combination makes your summer shorts more versatile and gives them new life rather than them remaining hidden in the back of the closet until it warms up. Of course, there’s plenty of room to experiment with different colors, patterns, and styles of both shorts and tights.

For my “shorts with tights” look, I followed the example of the pins and worked with high waisted denim shorts. I kept with the basic black tights worn with black shoes for a nice elongation effect. I added stripes to this look as well as a longer coat, which works great to contrast the shorter length of the shorts.


So when you’re sick of having to wear pants for the millionth time this winter, be sure to give this look a try!

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