Warm UP With A Hat

By Madelyn Hopkins

Walking thirty minutes to class in the bitter cold and blowing wind is no ones ideal situation. Sometimes I wonder if other people feel as miserable as I do when trekking from one building to another. However, I found a solution to the predicament I find myself in every time the weather drops below 32 degrees.

Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 11.17.44 PM.png
Courtesy of Hedges Designs

Hats. You wouldn’t think that they could make such a difference, but they do. Keeping your head and ears warm is so important and often overlooked. Luckily for us, the solution is simple, easy, and most importantly fashionable! Obviously, hats come in all different styles; in the winter, wool hats or beanies make for the best way to keep warm. Graphics and pom poms can style up a hat and add a personal twist.

Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 11.37.55 PM.png
Courtesy of Knuth’s Boutique

Hats are also fun, because you can pair them up with gloves or scarves. Often times, hats come in sets with other matching accessories. This adds to your outfit and allows for you to include your personal style.

They’re no longer an ugly piece of fleece that you wear, embarrassed, to fight against the cold. Hats are making a comeback in a very versatile way, and you’ll now have a fashionable option to help keep you warm and bundled while trekking through the tundra of the winter months.