Beat the Winter Slouchies

By Madelyn Hopkins

Not many people LOVE wintertime. I mean, yeah, a white Christmas is great and everything, but nobody wants snow after January 1st. Especially the mushy sleet that February brings.

Courtesy of Kate Kronstein 

I frequently find myself falling into the winter slouchies. If I’m running late to class or headed to study with friends, why would I even bother looking cute? To throw on a pair of leggings and baggy sweatshirt is just so much simpler. Well slouch no more! Looking fun is easy, can be just as warm, and the little pick-me-up of knowing you look fly will go a long way when the skies are grey!

Courtesy of Lauren Brennan

Long parkas, plaid scarves, fun hats, and knit sweaters are all great ways to add a little flare into your regular look and keep you warm at the same time. A good scarf or a cute hat can pair with thousands of outfits and add that extra bit of style to your average attire.

Courtesy of Lena Nazelli

So next time you’re on the go and feeling drab, try pairing ripped jeans with your parka, or a puffy hat with your knit sweater! Little touches go a long way, and definitely not unnoticed!

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