Be Bold

By Maddie Clark

Instead of creating a list of cliche new years resolutions that I will probably beat myself up for half way fulfilling, this year I decided to go a different route. I chose a word to describe 2017 and will let it inspire my actions this year. After careful consideration I decided on the word confidence. Confidence is a state of mind, cheering yourself on rather than tearing yourself down makes you a happier person. My hope is that deciding to believe in myself will lead me to take more positive risks in all aspects of my personal life but also in my style.


I always gravitate towards the unexpected, but when it comes right down to choosing an outfit I tend to revert to more bland looks, bogged down by the fear that I won’t be able to pull it off. This year I’ve decided that if you’re confident in whatever you’re wearing- you’re pulling it off. I want to embrace a range of colors, prints and textures. Dressing for myself and absolutely no one else.

Courtesy of@Mindyplaz 

Right now I love statement jackets: fluffy fur in any hue, detailed bombers and printed blazers. A funky jacket can make a boring outfit eye catching.

Courtesy of@styleontherise


Challenge yourself to feel good in something you’d normally shy away from and don’t follow the rules under any circumstances.