By Vivian Drury

Year after year, losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle are the top two resolutions. Diets consisting of kale and whole grains and daily workout routines usually last until January 17th, with the chaos of reality quickly trumping those resolutions.

This year, I decided to make my resolution to be more adventurous and active, hoping to shift towards a healthier lifestyle without getting overwhelmed with the transition. As a runner and frequent exerciser, I was looking to shake up my workout routine in 2017. I had read and heard about new trends in cycling workouts, so decided that I would try a SoulCycle class.

My overall thoughts: best workout class of my life!

You may think I’m being a little dramatic and possibly a little too excited about 45 minutes of spinning, but SoulCycle helps free your mind and soul while getting in a great sweat.

Post SoulCycle class with my fellow SoulCycle warrior, JJ

How it works:

SoulCycle is a cycle class that focuses transforming your body and mind while cycling. The classes involve heart-pumping cardio that gets you amped up, as well as upper-body workout with hand weights and core exercises. Each location has a studio that is just a room of stationary bikes. Most classes are 45 minutes, but there is a 60 minute option for those looking to really challenge themselves.

Why it works:

My favorite part of the class was how I felt motivated by the group-fitness atmosphere, but with the lights down and no distractions surrounding me, I was allowed to focus on myself and my goals. The instructors are fun and make you want to push yourself throughout the entire workout. The music is upbeat pop, ranging from Beyonce to Britney Spears and is different for each class and instructor, but I was groovin’ while still burning some serious calories.

Courtesy of Reductress

Finding a class:

Visit to find a location near you. Then, pick out a class that you’re interested in. Be sure to read all the different class options and instructors to find which one is best for you. All you have to do is just click on a bike to book it for that class and you’re ready to cycle!

SoulCycle has several locations, and they also have also gear online and in stores. Head to SoulCycle and spin to break your daily cycles. 10/10 would totally recommend!

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