2017 Fitness Trends

Trying to stick to that 2017 workout resolution? Well, look no further! Here is your guide to sticking to all things fitness.

I know, at times your bed and Netflix look a lot more appealing than the gym, but continuing with your workout trend will pay off. How, you may ask? Well, we have spring break to look forward to, and majority of Miami goes to some form of beach during that week off. So, let’s look at some simple workouts to keep us focused on that bikini bod that we all badly crave.

  1. Wearable Technology: I know, this isn’t a workout to keep you on track, but this is something you can wear to keep your fitness in track. An example of wearable technology would be anything from wearing a Fitbit everywhere you went, to bringing your smart phone to track your steps. Tracking steps is an easy way to see how many you are getting and how many cals you are burning. It’s said that 10,000 steps burns 500.
  2. Body Weight Training: This workout involves no equipment, which makes it something that can be doable wherever! These workouts can vary anywhere from pushups, planks, squats, etc. Click here to learn more about which body weight training exercise is best for you.
  3. HIIT: HIIT is a high volume workout alternative that has you doing intense workouts for a short amount of time, as well as a small amount of rest time in between each workout. This has been a rising trend, and has proven to be a quick, easy way to burning the most amount of cals. Want an example of a HIIT, click here to watch!

To find more workout trends to keep your 2017 in track, click here to find more ways to finding your fit-self!

I have high hopes that everyone will follow through with their resolutions—just keep your chins held high and think new year, new self 🙂

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