Binge on Black Mirror

By Tori Levy

Recently, I’ve been indulging myself with new Netflix shows. If you were like me then you spent your summer watching Stranger Things and obsessing over Eleven. And now you wait in agony for season 2 to return. In the meantime, I’ve started watching another sci-fi show that will make you think twice about everyday realities.


Black Mirror

Black Mirror- what your phone looks like when it’s turned off- questions how reliant we are on technology and our phones.

Ever wonder how technology will change future? Will it be for better or for worse? The satire Black Mirror examines the downfall of technology in a dark and innovative way. It represents an alternative society dependent on the media and addicted to a virtual reality. Each episode is set in the modern day world with a new story line and different characters. In episode Nosedive, people are rated everyday by their appearance and the photos they post about their lives (sound slightly familiar?). Your score determines your rank in society, and everyone desperately tries to boost their individual score to be accepted. This is just one example of the show giving a glimpse of what our future could look like.

Watch it all at once or spread it out. But it’s definitely worth giving it shot. My favorite episode so far is White Christmas.