Calvin Klein Launches First Raf Simons Collection

By Bella Douglas

Calvin Klein has unveiled its first collection with Raf Simons as chief creative officer. Simons was hired last August after designing couture for Dior, and will launch made-to-measure clothing and accessories services beginning April 1st. The line, dubbed Calvin Klein By Appointment, was announced on Calvin Klein’s website and will feature unique pieces. Previously only made for celebrity clientele, Calvin Klein by Appointment will be available to the public and will appeal to those who seek their own slice of Simons’s creative genius.

Courtesy of @calvinklein

The line was announced alongside a series of 15 women photographed in custom pieces, including Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown. Its imagery was designed to not only show the variety of trends from the ’20s to today, but to also channel the variety of the American woman. This was especially poignant, as it was rolled out just as the Women’s Marches (where more than 2 million women and men around the world protested for equality)  were ending. According to Simons, “Calvin Klein By Appointment… is very much about celebrating the American woman and American fashion”. Creative director Pieter Mulier reiterated this point when he said, “It is driven by character; it’s about a woman feeling empowered and being her own person in what she wears”. It would seem that Calvin Klein is redefining what freedom in fashion means in 2017. Bring it on.