The Utilitarian Way

By Adzaan Muqtadir


The ruggedness and practicality of utilitarianism contribute to building an effortlessly rebellious aesthetic when it comes to fashion. The art of pairing muted chromatics in carefully selected pieces has been something embraced by the fashion world and even paved its way to becoming a style of its own.

The easy gateway to attempting the utilitarian style lies in its hallmark color of muted green. Staying perfectly true to the utilitarian aspect, muted greens like olive and hunter greens fit within a neutral pallet and can work effectively with a vide variety of things while still maintaining the edge no matter what type of piece you select. For instance in this following look, I wore the green in feminine pieces of the romper and the trench coat, giving the color a tailored appearance.


      With this second look, I wore the green in a noticeably more slouchy look using the same romper paired with pants and high top sneakers.


 So as we can see, there’s more than one way to incorporate utilitarian influences into your look, but the key in bringing out the full effect of this look is sporting it unapologetically.

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