Blue Jean Baby

By Lizzie Carter

With the tundra-like weather swirling around outside, my mind can’t help but wander towards warmer weather and cuter outfits. Frigid conditions ending soon will cause many to break out their favorite staple: the jean jacket. A huge trend this past fall, and will one hundred percent continue into spring, was denim. To keep this trend from looking everyday and ordinary, you can spice up your look with a little creativity and a quick trip to Michael’s.

Courtesy of @KarlieKloss

This DIY by Karlie Kloss is certainly EYE catching. Adding some patches to spell out her name and some flare with an all seeing eye, Karlie kept it super chic and straightforward.

Courtesy of BLDG 25

This sequined number is sure to shine through the ordinary. A little more effort went into this do it at home look, but it lacks nothing in the fun and flashy department.

Courtesy of @jgreggs

For most schools, game-day wear is the big trend, no matter the sporting event. To keep from blending in with the lace up shirts and school sweatshirts, Jensen Gregory sports a super spirited DIY to support her team. Go blue! Adding anything you want to this warm weather go-to is sure to keep you from blending in. So pick up some paint, patches, pins, or whatever suits you to rock this DIY in the coming months.

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