Cool Cut-Outs

By Claire Vaughn

2016 saw some great trends, one of which was the various cut-out styles in sweaters, tanks, tees, and jeans. The cold shoulder style really became popular. The small triangle cut-out, usually in the backs of dresses or tank tops became very familiar, as well. These were often paired with chokers. So much so, that some dresses and shirts even made a cut-out to make the top of the fabric into a built in choker. The interesting thing is that in 2017, this trend shows no sign of fading any time soon!


The transition to spring can always be a bit awkward. Some days it’s warm and sunny, and the next there’s five inches of snow. Even during this transition, it appears that this trend is not only cute, but perfect! When you have a thick sweater, having the cold shoulder style is cute, but provides a bit more of a breeze. Likewise, instead of wearing a tank top on a warmer day, throw on a long sleeved shirt with cut-outs or a high collar. It looks put together, cool, and comfortable!


The nice thing about this trend is that there are so many different ways to pull it off. You could go for a simple white tee with a triangle cut out in the back, or a choker style dress. It works either way! Feel free to play with the patterns, styles, and fabrics! Especially with spring approaching, a floral pattern romper or dress could really pair with chunky heels or the classic Converse. It’s perfect for class or a Saturday night!

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”

-Coco Chanel 

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