Go Graphic

By Maddie Clark

Coming back to the hustle bustle of a new semester is exhilarating but also exhausting. After five blissful weeks sleeping until noon, 8:30 get-ups are particularly brutal. On Monday morning I rummaged through my drawers in a sleepy haze, and the clothes I ended up selecting met the qualification of being really comfy…. that counts for something? A week of sweatshirts made me realize that looking like a slob everyday doesn’t end up making me feel so great but being comfortable does. I’ve come to the solution that by using one staple piece, I can achieve both. The answer to all of my early morning problems is the graphic tee.

Courtesy of Free People

Paired with joggers, jeans or leggings and topped with any bomber, vest or slouchy cardigan the look is laid back chic. Score! I also love the sense of originality that comes with choosing a graphic tee. Whether its promoting a band, sporting a sassy phrase or vintage logo a cool shirt can make your school day look totally unique.


Courtesy of @misstarabelle