Get Through Cold & Flu Like a Pro

By Allie Palm

Welcome back to school, and welcome back to germ central! It’s great being back but also very difficult because of the roller coaster of a ride you put your immune system through. Here are a couple easy ways of staying healthy and maintaining good health:

  1. DRINK. WATER. This has got be the easiest method. Drinking water allows your body to stay hydrated and replenished, and it also doubles as an easy way of cleansing your body.
  2. Wash your hands! This might be common sense to most, but seriously, wash yo’ damn hands. Washing your hands washes 99% of all germs from your hands, so further contamination doesn’t spread.
  3. If not washing your hands, then sanitize! This can be from sanitizing after contact with others or after a long day of class. Regardless, it’s important to keep your hands clean.
  4. Avoid those who are sick. This is another uh-duh one, but if your roommate is sick, then I highly suggest giving them their own space. If you share a room with them, then hit the gym, go to the library, go Uptown, go anywhere else but your room. Your room is a danger zone of germs!
  5. Live a healthy lifestyle. Staying healthy includes eating well, staying fit, and making wise decisions. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will allow your immune system to strengthen against further illness.

Want more details on how you can stay healthy? Read here. Stay healthy and stay warm out there!